Walking the dog by Bike

Taking the dogs for a walk on a bicycle is infinitely better than taking the car.. I like cars but not for relaxing in… I would rather cycle and get some exercise with my pet…god know i need it…plus the speed of a gentle pedal is just right for most dogs to run alongside…….be careful where you ride though..be sensible but there are a few good things that can help make dog walking by bike a jolly pleasant thing to do.. …the right bike helps, MTB’s are not ideal but still possible with smaller dogs, some opt for a trailer. we opted for a basil bike crate (£20 +£5 fitting kit) and a bicycle with a frame mounted front rack (from about £35)…after a few dummy runs somewhere quiet we set off….Rudey realised that after a few high altitude escape jumps out, that the crate with its leopard print cushion was the best place to be….. we had a lovely time….i hope you enjoy our journey..


2 thoughts on “Walking the dog by Bike

    • It would have to be a box bike, Bakfiets.nl perhaps, or Christinia 2 wheeler, Lazy greyhounds would love a blanket in the bottom of the box and a resuming glance when it could be bothered to lift its head. Good fun too..

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