Bespoked Bristol 2013, A landmark Show.

Tonight my friends, the future of bicycling in the UK is held in the clever gentle hands of two men…two visionaries that stand humbly midst the rows of craftsmen and women, midst the collective genius and artistic wonderment that is Bespoked Bristol, Yes,  ladies and gentlemen we have witnessed the moment of change that i for one will forever remember, today midst the wonderful artistry and diligent precision, midst the splish splash of well judged colour  and the spingle spangle of stainless stuff, two men rose above the lineout, soared above the snowy peaks, climbed out of the morass of arse high, chinsy bollocks and displayed not just balls and dedication, not just a finicky weld and a well chosen colour. This year my friends, two men showed free thinking and a modern relevance hitherto unseen. …..Bespoked  Bristol 2013 was the year when two beautifully designed self built cargo bicycles were exhibited,  Were they exhibited by gentlemen with amusing accents?, were they visitors from  Denmark, France USA or Holland, no my friends, this year at Bespoked Bristol 2013 a curator from the St Ive’s Tate Gallery and a motorsport engineer from York showed bicycles that not only oozed class and imagination, but also gave us a glimpse into the bicycles that we might be riding in a few years. They cleverly produced, lovely looking machines that showed innovation and a burst of creativity that could shame the belt drive from another f**ing  fixie.  Its horses for course i know, people will always want to ride about swiftly and look as cool as diggady on a featherlight lovely, i like it all, but it’s all getting a little John Constable…., personally i like a bit of Monet, perhaps even,  if i can be so bold, a little William Scott.

 If Bespoked Bristol is a demonstration of all thing good and progressive in the world of Bicycles then these two gentlemen has upped the game for everyone..and to the good of everyone.  A bicycle that can replace that de rigueur second car is a revolution in thinking. These two lovely gentlemen actually built bicycles that even at a one off price of perhaps 4 or 5 thousand plus pounds can save you money. Think on that when your weekend crotch rocket is delivered and you only get to ride it a few times a year cos you’re too busy doing mundane stuff like shopping or taking the kids to school.

So hold the front page, it’s official that ownership of a delectable handbuilt bike could actually save you money in the long run,  for Bespoked Bristol, that has to be a first (excluding Really Useful Bikes own showings in 2011 & 2012).  

So within the glory that is Bespoked Bristol, with the dozens of delectable bicycles with craftsmanship layered upon a little more craftsmanship, two gentlemen and their bicycles stood out for me, and i hope other attendees too..within a myriad of creative geniuses that Bespoked Bristol gives a platform to,  two beacons of  men  shine brighter than the rest, innovative, forward thinking and most important of all, these two men  have created bicycles that are very relevant to you, me and the world around us, two brilliant solutions to the simple conundrum that is how to move faster than walking pace, and with more stuff.  

Praise be to Matthew Renwick and Dan Titchmarsh for building the bikes, thank heavens for Phil and Tessa for giving us Bespoked Bristol, a gallery from which to gaze upon such bicycling beauty.

The world of the bicycle in the UK is a changing, Bespoke 2013 marks that moment. The bicycle is not just art, not just an expression of individualism , it’s transport too, it once gave freedom, it changed lives, with innovation and free thinking the bicycle can change society again, perhaps not with £5000 price tags but it’s a recognition of the mood, of the exciting new world that has the Bicycle at its local heart.   This is what makes Really Useful Bikes tick, it’s a simple progression to a less complicated way of life, affected by modern living but not bowed down to it. The Bicycle when facilitated for (another issue/topic there) and used everyday is a very very beautiful thing.  


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