Why I dig the Donky!

The Donky bike…what is there to say about this reclusive, low profile, affordable cute little workhorse.

Let’s start with some background… it’s the brain child of two men who saw that little urban bikes could be a help to so many, they wanted it to be owned by lots of people not so much for the profit that might be made, but for the impact it could have on individual lives and on cities as a whole. They teamed up with another, a production guy and the Donky was born. We have had inputs too, They have asked for our opinions, we gave our support and inputs and can confirm the Donky is here to stay and a future classic.

So what makes the Donky bike special?
It’s small, it has strong 20 inch wheels and a small footprint, the racks turn so you can make it narrow when it needs to be narrow, the idea is you can park it in the house hallway, in the flat or easily in an outside store.
They made it handy, with removable racks either end, on a square section beam, you can swap the racks about, make your own rack, ride it with one rack or none, stick a kid on it, put your dog on it, or two…its the best, most versatile little load carrier there is i think.

They made it reasonably priced…other very nice urban bikes from Milan or Barcelona, Germany too, cost around £1000 and you need to get them here.. The Donky Team worked hard to build a bike that would sell for £400, and that’s why you can buy one for £500, the £400 target could not be done, its a low volume bike (at the moment) and building bikes isn’t cheap. So you have a very handy bike for £500 and that isn’t bad. (now you might look at one as say it looks a bit low end….BUT, the frame is a gem, the components work, they don’t say nick me and it makes the Donky affordable for many more people, with the prospect of upgrading as time goes on. (we pimp Donky’s by the way 🙂
They made it handle well and ride comfortably, it will take a good range of people sizes and you can ride one around town for sure but further afield too. Don’t let the small wheels fool you, it’s a nice ride..
It uses simple but effective components, a 3 speed hub gear won’t let you down or give you big bills, the V brakes are simple kit you find everywhere and that anyone can help o look after, It has a centre stand that does the job, a nice riding position, a integrated frame lock, in fact it’s a little like a Dutch bikes odd mutated nephew.

Like all my reviews i try to be objective and honest, for example i think the original racks are heavy and clumsy…and that’s about it for negatives, there are new racks coming out, and we make other options too but its not such an big deal, (the racks work fine, which is the important thing) but find one, ride one, make your own mind up, but if you need to nip about town, fancy doing more shopping by bike, want to carry a dog about, tight for bike parking space or just fancy some fun about town with a practical edge, The Donky is a great little UK produced bike, a gem, and bloody good value too.

Begv4fGCQAAZ7sD phone pics pre NYC 2054


Available to buy and try at Really Useful Bikes.co.uk



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