Gazelle Bikes 2015

The New 2015 Catalogue for Gazelles non electric bicycles breaks cover, some new models there showing that Gazelle has intentions to sell more bicycle outside of their traditional markets, IE the Netherlands. The style and desirability of the bicycles continues to improve whilst maintaining their easy to look after and ride functionality. Good news then for everyone except those who look to Gazelle to build traditional steel framed bicycle, the Impala and Primeur are noticeable by their absence so viable steel framed options are limited to the excellent tour populair, which in 8 speed roller brake guise is just lovely. and the sportier bike too, the VAN STAEL, designed to broaden the appeal of the brand and it looks very nice.

Favorites for me are the Orange, the Heavy Duty/Miss Grace and for value the Esprit and the Paris.

I’m not sure there is a bike that i don’t like, the range is comprehensive and each bike thought through, each offering something different.

What will your next bike be? if you want quality, comfort, low maintenance and style, Gazelle might just have something for you.

read all about it here. Gazelle2015-Non-Electric

some links to pics of the new bikes

Van Stael

Cityzen C7

If you want proper Dutch with some tweeks for us Brits, the Tour pop is an enduring classic

We supply all of Gazelles range and much more beside, the place for Dutch bikes in the south west.

Happy Riding,



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