Hans is testing a shorter Bullitt, so why do i get teary?

The world of cargo bikes is getting interesting, there are local models being explored, there are Belgium splittable models breaking cover, there are Dutch electric behemoths and now the Danish get all delicate and sensitive with this little shorty. I love two wheeled cargo bikes, damn it, i can’t get enough of em, its been like wading through a desert with treacly hands, but there is finally stuff happening, exciting, sexy and just so damn practical stuff. It’s not just pricey (but economic) custom box bikes that get my juices flowing, put a front/rear rack on your bike. Go shopping by bike, use your bike to carry your kids to school, don’t think about all the head spinning stats and the anti cycling rhetoric, think on the sunny days and the kick of smelling the cut grass, think of the stinking wet days when you get home and you and your kid swing your heads like a dog from a pond, just to get the water from running down your collar. laugh like you forgot how too, take the long way back, ride out and bring the tea back, hunter gather on your stead, like a Boadicea, lift your head high and ride.

Damn it it i love what cargo bikes can do….i love the feeling of 40kgs up front and the steady slow rhythm of my body at one with this marvel of modern movement. I love the freedom it gives to change the view of my local world, the freedom to chose how i get there, This shorty from Larry vs Harry might just look like a shorter Bullitt, but it’s an evolutionary step on our way to better cities, an indication that the cargo bike is getting a big foot in the door of our consciousness, people are giving them a better look, businesses are realising that they make financial sense, families are realising that they can save a mint and have a better life style too, cool dudes realise that this is a trend that really works for them in a way that those very very skinny jeans never did.
BOOM!, this is rock and roll, this is tears at a birth, this is proud prom day, this is middle of the Mosh pit, this is so damn sensible i don’t know why it makes the ink on my note pad run…..i love two wheeled cargo bikes, box bikes are the best of em….

Right, i’m gonna wipe my eyes and load up my boxbike. Gotta get up the post office, might take the long way back!




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