Elasticated bike ride, The Paper Bicycle made me do it!

I sell cargobikes and i sell Gazelle bikes, i also sell the Paper bicycle. I ride what i sell, it’s important i think, to do that.

I ride daily, not always a long way but i shop by bike, go to the post office by bike, that kinda thing.

I have my favorites, often that changes on the weather, my mood or my fancy…i’m kinda whimsical like that….i’m allowed..

All of my bikes have a rear rack, often a front rack, sometimes a big box/luggage area up front.. bikes that carry stuff is what i do. I like bikes for the everyday, they need to carry stuff…

We have a paper bicycle here, its our Paper bicycle, it’s had a bit of a history, rescued from a garage in trowbridge it lives with us as our demo bike. I’ll be honest, because it has no rack (there is a nice one available) i don’t really ride it. Customers come and try it, its a great bike for the shorter lady…it inspires confidence and is very comfortable and stable. I have a bit of patter about it, it’s a nice bike.

I’m a big chap, a bit overweight and about 6 foot, i have seen these petite ladies riding serenely around our yard, looking chic and a little spoiled by the comfy ride..so i thought well bugger this, i want a nice upright steed to get me to the post office today, i only had two little parcels to send,so i got out my overpriced (but quite nice) Brooks rucksack (do they call them that?) upped the saddle height of the Paper bike and pedaled in the direction of the local Post office/One stop shop.

I have a friend who talks about the elastic commute, that time when you take the long way home, well bugger me if i didn’t find myself pedalling past the little post office and aiming my Paper bicycle at the main post office in town. I found myself on an elasticated post office run.

I was having a thoroughly nice time, the upright riding position of the paper bicycle was a nice change from my sporty little (pimped) Donky bike. The Paper Bikes saddle was comfortable, arms comfortable on the bars, the centre of gravity was so low down and the the big apple balloon tyres were soaking up the ripples in the tarmac. my progress along the bumpy path was was smooth and stable, comfortable and serene. It was a treat..

The paper bike never used to have it’s own rear rack, so we had to fit a standard rear rack, it wasn’t fun and it didn’t really look right, but now with the new official rear spaceship rack fitted, it makes the Paper bicycle a real package now. It looks good and works well.

All in all, I think the Paper Bicycle is THE bicycle for the petite lady who wants a dutch bike. (the Dutch don’t do petite), its 26 inch wheels and stability make it ideal for the nervous rider, It’s good for the family who want to share a bike because its one size fits all, it great for someone that wants a stylish alternative to a Dutch bike, is works for me very well.

I have rediscovered it, i think its a real treat to ride and i shall be doing it again. So thanks to Nick Lobnitz and his chicken shed for building a great bike. I shall be riding it more from this point on..

bikes 014



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