New bars can set you free!

We have been a Larry vs Harry Bullitt dealer for a while now…we built our demo bike around a frame from the importer that previously lived with the Jersey Post office…(we think) .

We built it to be different , so a Nuvinci hub gear, dynamo hub and front light…I also used a Surly bar that i loved when i fitted it on a MTB based bike with a massive basket on it…I don’t really favour handle bar/fork mounted baskets but i thought i would try it and the surly open bar was a good choice. Being so wide, it gave a nice bit of leverage and was comfortable to boot. This massive basket was controllable and the ride was good.

So i stuck a Surly Open bar on the Bullitt…..rode it for a while, it wasn’t quite right, but i regarded it as a good and well loved handlebar, a personal favorite. Now more it on a bit and i have a customer that has me building a E assist Bullitt, we talked a bit about bars, and he talked about a straight bar or a more upright bar, Bullitt do one. This got me thinking so i went through our quite respectable selection of sit upright bars and picked one out, I chose a fairly pulled back, quite a high rise bar from Humpert for my demo bike…lets see what difference it makes…well….these new handlebars have transformed the ride of the Bullitt, a lot more comfortable and upright, less twitchy even. I think there is a little more work to do on the stem/saddle position combo but the Bullitt is now a dream to ride.

So my point is this, there are a lot of handlebars out there, if your ride is not quite right, try another handlebar, don’t stick with what you know, trying a new (often inexpensive) handlebar might just make such a difference that you ride more, ride further and set you free to a lot more enjoyment from your ride.


2 thoughts on “New bars can set you free!

  1. Thanks for the article.

    A friend lives in an hilly area and is complaining that the BR-IM45F on his Dutch bicycle is too weak in descents.

    1. I was thinking of getting him any brake between models -70 and -85. Should I go for the strongest?
    2. Along the BR-IMx series, it appears that Shimano also sells another series BR-x, eg. BR-C3010. What’s the difference?

    Thank you.

    • 1st, make sure his brakes have roller brake grease in, if not they will not work properly..
      2nd IM’s all discontinued…seems nC3010 is old IM81….go for new C6000 if you can find it..
      but grease those brakes first…

      No problem 🙂

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