Dogs and lost hats

It was nice and frosty this weekend. Crisp under foot. I got our demo Bakfiets (Boxbike) out and took the dog for a walk to get the sunday paper.  The dog gets excited now when the bakfiets comes out, cannot wait to get scooped up and plonked into the box. There she sits, head just above the side of the box, looking around as the world and their cars go past.

The dog and i have had a similar learning curve. A similar reticence  to get out on the road on a bike. She was very unsure of cycling at first, the box bike in particular. we rode around our yard here a few times to get her used to the idea, she looked at me for reassurance then not even her trust of me could take over from the natural urge to get the hell out of the box. With reassurance and taking it slowly, a soft bed for the box, we now have a lovely time, riding off to walks together and her running alongside once we are there. In fact when we have folk over to test ride and the bakfiets comes out she is there trying to hop in.

The ride this weekend was a little treat, i wish there were more places to cycle here where you can feel safe. There are cycle tracks but you feel like it would be safer to drive there, unload the bikes so that you can get straight on the cycle way. kinda defeats the object. All said and done, once i was out there, the crisp air and the smooth mechanics of getting along is a joy.

But even now i find reasons not to ride, i write a list in my mind of the benefits, then rip it up with one excuse, i know its lazyness. Thats why really useful bikes works for me, its practical, its joyous and its practical, (did i mention practical?). I need a reason to ride, give me a box or a luggage rack and i can cycle to the shops, walk the dog and avoid the car. It really is much better, i love to cycle, i like to work on them, i love to get somewhere on them, i like to share with others on them.

Sundays for me are about the sunday paper, walking the dog and cooking the roast dinner (‘top gear’ on BBC1 is good too!), the fact that i can incorporate a bike ride into this i really apprieciate.

I love to cycle,  Not perhaps a 30 mile round trip incorporating a pint of old speckled cock and a detailed look at the underside of a dockside crane nor a shiny arsed, blurred race about on a bike made from a tubing lighter than feathers.

Its horses for courses, but give me a twiddle to the shops with me dog to pick up my paper and i’m happy….perhaps one day i will chose a paper shop a little further away, perhaps wear a shinier coat and integrate  a stop for a shandy.  Viva la difference, We are pleased to offer you a choice.

NB. please note that some of  the really useful bikes we sell not only carry dogs, small pigs, newspapers, other bikes, small children, fat blokes and a pletherer of things that you can strap on or carry but can actually go fast enough to blow your unfastened hat from your head. The writer will not be held responsible for the loss of beloved head gear.



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