Workcycles FR8 on Brooks website shocker..

Well i never! you could have knocked me over with a carbon road frame….. , there was i, browsing the web in a business like manner (no mucky stuff) , listening to a bit of Wynton Marsarlis from the command pod’s boom box , the brady bunch of  dogs happily snoozing at my feet, when i came across this on a website for Brooks, the venerable English saddle makers and purveyor of stylish but expensive luggage. You could argue that the pics is a bit old but it does give me a opportunity to once again bring up the wonderful workcycles FR8 in this blog.

As Really Useful Bikes is the only stockist in the UK to actually hold stock of the very capable and adaptable FR8, we like to remind you all of its comfort and build quality. We could also mention the fact that it can carry three children in safety, a heavy load in style, or just you and the sunday paper in pleasurable luxury.
For these reasons we love and stock the workcycles FR8. You don’t have to smother it in Brooks luggage, but we would love you to love one as your own.

The workcycles FR8 (pronounced Freight) available for sale and test ride from Really Useful Bikes nr Bristol. 01454 319960

workcycles fr8 cross frame


two of the five sleeping as one

two of the five snoozing


Dutch Workcycle bicycles, do you want one?

If you do fancy a workcycle dutch bicycle but don’t fancy the drive/train journey/flight to their lovely shop/s in Amsterdam. We are just ordering some bikes in now. So if you want to buy a new dutch bike designed and built by the lovely folk at Workcycles from the only dutch bike shop in the south west (thats us, really useful bikes) then we will do the rest, drop us a line..

It is my opinion that if you were told you could only buy one bike and it would have to last the rest of your life, you could do a lot lot worst than invest in a Workcycle bike. The’re special…

a blog entry from Samantha in USA, (thanks for your comment)

the epitamy of comfortable and lovely, definitely really useful bikes.

01454 319960

Gazelle bicycles.

We have a selection of Gazelle bicycles in stock now, each has a distinct feel of its own, all are comfortable and very well equiped.
For example , the Impala is a dutch classic and a briefest of rides will demonstrate why.
Equiped with seven speeds (tunable for your local terrain if needed) it has enough gears to tackle most hills you might encounter, roller brakes (brakes inside the wheel hub) work well in any weather and need virtually no maintenance. The very comfortable saddle and handlebars position you in a nice upright position so that you don’t have weight on your wrists enabling you to look about you when riding. It has lights built in front and rear, and a power producing dynamo in the front wheel, so you can power lights/charge i pod or phone whilst riding). It has nice shiny stainless steel rims for that smart casual look. mudguards with splash covers over the rear wheel and a mud flap on the front mudguard to ensure that your new daps don’t get soggy.
All this is topped off with a good rear rack that you can fit a child seat very securely or/and fit panniers, perhaps one of the bags from our range of non bikey looking laptop/hand/manbag style pannier bags. (it’s also got a saddle like a sofa!)

If you want a comfortable bike that will not let you down, will not need a trip to the cycle shop to have it looked at every six months and will last you for many many years. A Gazelle bike could be one of the best options for you.

After all this talk about practicality and sensible riding, please don’t think for one minute that this is a dull ride…ooohhh no!, this is a fun bike that does not dictate to you how you ride, its built for the street and the everyday but only you will know how much enjoyment this bike will give you, its a smile enducer……

test ride one here at the dairy at really useful bikes.
01454 319960 Rob.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Cycles….

When we think about a holiday, we think about what we want our holiday to do for us, provide adventure, relaxation, romance perhaps. Any journey starts with a destination, so what is it I want? what is it I need? How do I find it? We look around for inspiration, we ask friends, we surf the web and then we consult the experts.

Imagine a world where the travel agent has a very limited style of holidays in its catalogue..Its a nice catalogue, it has pictures of things from a foreign land, food you have never eaten before and all the people are sexy, laughing, tanned and buff.  The folk in the brochure all look the same and don’t really look your type, you are not sure that this holiday destination is really you, but I do want a holiday so yes, i will book it….. and thus the holiday is chosen…there is no alternative, everyone goes on that sort of holiday.

Would you be happy if you knew that there were alternatives that you were not being told about, holidays that looked a little different, new features like ‘all inclusive’, electric light bulbs in your room and awnings over your balcony so you don’t get a wet arse every time you sit after a rain shower. If you knew that there was a holiday available that was comfortable, luxurious, clean and all inclusive you might plump for it…..if you knew about it.
If a travel agent said that they have a holiday in the brochure just like the one you had heard about, they just need to add a few bits (that cost extra), move the furniture a bit, repaint the hotel foyer before you arrive and that would make it just like the holiday you asked for. Do you think that would give you the holiday experience and the satisfaction that you deserve and saved hard for? You can only tweak so far, sticking duck feathers on a chicken does not make it a duck, if you sprinkle sugar on your corn flakes that does not make them frosties.

Not everyone wants the same holiday and there are lots of holidays to chose from. If you fancy the Inca trails, investigate it, fancy the poolside in Tenerife just book it, but please if you want to experience the Inca trails do not end up by a pool side watching a holiday rep in a sombrero playing the pan pipes.
Here at really useful bikes we like to offer choice and good honest advice, consider us the brochure on the rack that’s a bit left of centre. We just think you should know that there are choices, particularly where bicycles are concerned.

P.S I am not actually talking about holidays…….but we are a good destination.

P.P.S just to clarify, we sell bikes with mudguards, bikes that need very little maintenance, that are comfortable, have security locks built in, lights front and back powered by magic, good bags that match, puncture resistant tyres, chain guards so you can wear flairs if you want without getting greezy. In fact you don’t even have to worry about any bikeiness if you don’t want too…just ride…  bikes for folk who like to ride but don’t want to worry about the bike bit. they do exist..

P.P.P.S we do have other bikes too…we built a fixie frame the other day…but family, ‘sit up and beg’ and cargo bikes are our main gig.

Giant women love to ride, and not just for sport!

The Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing group ‘Giant’ have a big say in what happens in the future of bicycles.
Bonnie Tu. the chief financial officer of the company gives her vision of the future.

It’s great to see an article written with the financial aspects of bicycles in mind,  you cannot deny the passion Bonnie Tu has for bicycles as a business, but reassuringly also as a mover for social change.

She also seems to have hit a global theme, when Bonnie says “in China the bicycle has to regain its status. It is so important. We have to break the view that status only comes from cars” you know that you can apply this statement to the UK too.

She also says that “women have been an afterthought in the male dominated worlds of both bicycle design and use”.  Anyone that looks at the photographs and articles from our friend Amsterdamize will know that a woman on a bicycle is something not to be ignored.

Bicycles are just good!

English FR8’s

We have a lovely E mail from a recent FR8 owner. Roy Belchamber picked his FR8 up a week or two ago, put it on his car roof bike rack and off he went.
We were delighted when he sent these pictures, With a few carefully chosen accessories his FR8 looks a treat, very english somehow.

His daughter enjoys riding on the back and it now replaces the car for shopping trips.
The workcycles FR8, a most modern bicycle for the modern age.
Thank you Roy for the great Pictures.

Workcycles FR8 universal

We have Workcycles FR8 (universal) in stock…

with this beauty you have a good selection of purpose built racks too…
take up to three kids on this bicycle with ease..the Rolls Royce of the dutch bike world, solid dependable and comfortable.
One size fits all so great if you need to share a bike to take the kids or get the shopping…test rides encouraged.

an Fr8 in Amsterdam..

This is not the best pic of an FR8, but its honest and shows it in a simple guise in its home city of Amsterdam…you cannot beat a nice box up front..