It’s a new year….let’s think forward…

The New Year is definitely here, time has flown in a way that it never used to and i am back on my mission to bring quality, usable transport bikes to the south west.
Last year was a tricky time latterly, with a hand affected by an undiagnosed condition that rendered it painful and useless, it was difficult to make headway. Never the less some improvements to the Dairy were made, aesthetically and practically its now better and improving all the time..making the dairy a stimulating place to visit is a constant challenge but with some interesting reading material, a kettle handy and as many of the better bicycle products here as i can manage, i think i have something alternative to the usual bicycle shop.
This year should be an exciting one, there are more cargo bikes of the box forward variety available this year. In addition to the relatively difficult to import (read expensive) USA models, the Cetma cargo and Metrofiets with which i have dealings with from time to time, there are more bikes now available from Europe. With Urban Arrow bringing out a purpose built electric boxbike, from Germany an aluminium box bike with trailer option , + a long Harry, Denmark have their bullitt and the original long john is also still available, in fact we can build you a custom cargo bike using a long john frame here at Really Useful Bikes. We have the contacts and the skills to get and/or make you what you want….
We plan to make more of these available from Really Useful Bikes…R.U.B is a small non profit making concern, so all the money made, goes back into bringing new product to the people that need them . We have our own projects here too that involve recycling mountain bikes and turning them into affordable load carrying bicycles. Cargo bikes should not just be for the more affluent amongst us, bikes that can carry stuff are society changers, freedom givers and just plain good fun.
In addition to good practical products we can service and repair any bicycle including hub gear and dynamo equipped steeds. Our workshop has cytech2 qualified technicians and is capable of most jobs including the repair of aluminium frames. We have a stock of the better lights and can fit and wire them for you…It’s not just about cargo bikes though, Gazelle Dutch bikes are stocked too, some of the more suited models are here for test ride and we can or course give advice and obtain any bike from the wonderful Gazelle range of bicycles.
So that’s a little bit from me, i hope you have a great Year and i hope to see you either here at the dairy or about town. Happy Riding…


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